MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Cheapest MBBS in Russia English Medium PMDC Approved

MBBS in Russia English Medium. MBBS in Russia Fully English Medium for International students.

It is good news for all candidates seeking for MBBS in Russia English Medium program? Al Tamimi Bachelor Clinical University, Bishkek is offering fully English medium 5 Year MBBS degree program in Russia (Kyrgyzstan).

Top Medical University in Russia Offering MBBS in Russia Fully English Medium, WHO, PMDC Approved

Russia is recognized as a world leader in the training of mathematicians, physicists and chemists as well as engineers, geologists physicians, programmers, and medical professionals. 

This is evident from the rankings in Russian universities in global rankings. The top universities in Russia have been featured in highly regarded quality standards. This is the reason that they are offering MBBS in Russia fully English Medium for International students.

Russian medical schools are renowned for their the training of medical specialists. The first medical school within Russia, Apothecary Chancery, was established in the 17th century.

Presently, medical education is offered by more than 70 Russian universities. However, of these, only 25 medical schools in Russia have been granted the authority to provide medical school through English language for international students.

The Indian students who are applying for admission into the Russian medical universities should carefully find out if the institution you’re considering offers an MBBS course in the English language. 

Some universities offer a complete instruction in English while others offer this course on English just for the initial three years, with the subsequent three years conducted in Russian. 

According to these institutions, it is essential to learn Russian and learn Russian in the final year to be able to communicate with patients during medical attachments.

Reasons to do MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students?

In the last few years, more as Indian and Pakistani students are looking at Russian Medical Universities for MBBS studies. The most well-known reason is the low tuition costs and a reasonable costs of living. 

Russian medical schools are gaining an deserved recognition across the world education market. The tuition cost for students from abroad at Russian state medical schools is covered through the Russian government in the amount of 50 percent.

 Foreign students pay for his tuition in part, which is 50percent of total costs of the education. Average tuition fees for an academic year are 1500-3000 US dollars, depending on the subject, university as well as the language of instruction and the city. 

The average cost of accommodation at a university hostels are 30-50 US $ per month. the expense of health insurance is 100-160 US dollars per year. Food expenses per month amount to between 80 and 100 US dollars per month on an average.

The average cost of MBBS in Russia is 1500$/Semester in ABC Academy. Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students.

Students do not need to learn russian for mbbs as the top mbbs programs in Russian universities are offered in English Medium.

There are many advantages of medical education is russia. MBBS in Russia fee is cheap and affordable.

Many students ask about MBBS in Russia Vs India, the answer of this question is so simple. MBBS in russia fee structure is much low. Eligibility for MBBS in Russia is intermediate.

MBBS Programs in Russia is offered by almost 10+ Universities. Admission process for MBBS in Russia is simple.

MBBS in Russia Eligibility

Intermediate with 45% Marks.

Why Russia is great opportunity? It is commonly asked question. The answer is admission to MBBS in Russia is open.

MBBS In Russia Requirements

  • No Entrance Exam
  • Admission Confirmation within 24 hours
  • Well Equipped Hospital and Laboratories
  • Already enrolled foreign students
  • Well trained Teaching Faculty
  • WHO & ECFMG Approved Medical Universities
  • Best Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan
  • Low Fee for MBBS Course in Russia
  • Globally Accepted MBBS Degree
  • No IELTS required for admission in Russia
  • MBBS in Russia English Medium Available
  • Unlimited Job Opportunities
  • Separate Accommodation for Girls and Boys
  • PMDC recognized MBBS curriculum
  • Online Visa within 7 Days

MBBS in Russia duration is five year in ABC Academy. Study medicine in Russia at low cost. It is good news that MBBS in Russia Admissions are open. Contact us for MBBS in russia reviews by already enrolled students of university.

It is helpful to remember that MBBS in Russia curriculum is same as taught in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and is recognized by World Health Organization.